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Horoscope Daily

The Horoscopes Daily shows you predictions for your wellness, love, emotions, work, money and gives you some advice to you.

You can check for your respective horoscope daily or weekly by subscribing through iSMS, then it will send the related information about your horoscope via SMS. At the same times, you can also send the horoscope information to your friends from your phone book at here.

It is capable of setting the time for the SMS to be sent for your horoscopes SMS by daily or weekly. Furthermore, the language of your SMS to be sent can also be displaying either English or Chinese. Once your have finish setup, a horoscope setting record will be generated. You can edit or delete the records as you want.

ISMS Feature List

Real Time Reporting Real Time Reporting Address Book Address Book Birthday Reminder Birthday Reminder
Bulk SMS Bulk SMS CSV Bulk SMS CSV Bulk SMS Easty Reload Easy Reload
Horoscope Daily Horoscope Daily Mobile Advertisement Mobile Ads Multi-Account Multi-Account
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